Jan 6, 2014

Spain Detains Two Women In Hair-Raising Drug Bust

Looking at these 2 women's floppy curly hair, you wouldn't think there's something hidden under those curls. You might think they just came out from a hair styling competition or just trying to be glamorous with overly thick curly hair sprayed with 6 cans of spraynets to hold it firm. But think again and don't get fooled, Something illegal hidden under those curls.

Hair-Raising Drug Bust

Two women flying in from Brazil were apprehended in a hair-raising drug bust in Madrid's Barajas airport on different days from Sao Paulo with more than a kilo (two pounds) of cocaine each hidden under their wigs.

The two women, who were Portuguese and aged 18 and 28, hid the drugs in six packages which were held in place by a black sock and tape under their long curly hair wigs, the police said.

drugs hidden in fake curly hair
Watch the Viral Video News here.
Carrying 1.2 kilos (2.7 pounds) of cocaine hidden under each women's wig. The packages were perfectly adhered and did not stick out from under the wigs, which made the narcotics imperceptible. Who would ever think those curly hairs would reveal Spanish Police big catch.

In recent years, drug smugglers have used a variety of methods to try to sneak narcotics into the country. Unfortunately, using fake curly hair didn't worked out for these two women. It didn't only gave them a bad hair day but also caused them bad long days and years in prison. 



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