Jun 29, 2013

How To Remove CouponDropDown Permanently

As we all know, CouponDropDown.com is an adware that displays advertisements and hijacks your browsers. It uses in-text advertisements similar to Text Enhance and can be voluntarily installed with third party applications. CouponDropDown is an add-ons and extensions for Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox that is typically installed when you install other free programs, software, games, codecs and toolbars etc.

Some of the programs that are known to bundle CouponDropDown includes the following:

  • FBPhotoZoom
  • GoPhoto.it 
  • HDvid Codec 
  • IB Updater
  • OneClickDownload
  • OneClickDownloader 
  • Online HD TV
  • PutLockerDownloader
  • StartNow 
  • TornTV
  • TorrentHandler 
  • Yontoo
  • ZoomIt
  • 1ClickDown
  • 1ClickDownloader
  • Incredibar Toolbar 

Categorized as a new released malicious browser hijacker, CouponDropdown is very sophisticated hijacker that it can avoid detection from your antivirus protection. It access into your PC through Internet connection without your knowledge with all of your personal information being exposed to danger.

remove CouponDropDown virus

How CouponDropdown Actually Works:
CouponDropdown is activated when you install those free stuff on your PC. Unaware that the CouponDropDown virus is also installed on your web browser as an add on or extension plugin and at the same time adds unknown programs to your bookmark folder. This browser hijacker will then change your home page and your search provider into its own website. 
CouponDropDown tries all means to restrict you on its website by unwanted advertisements popups. As a result, hackers can gain more traffic to their websites that display advertisements and promote unwanted products.

CouponDropDown is not that easy to uninstall because at times it does not appear on the Control Panel and it hides within programs. It is highly suggested that you uninstall suspicious or unknown toolbar or software on your computer and completely remove CouponDropDown virus.

uninstall CouponDropDown

With my previous post, How to Remove or Uninstall CouponDropdown Virus I tackled how to manually remove CouponDropdown from web browsers. For some, this technique didn't work as expected because none of the programs or add-ons and plugins exist in their pc even if run with anti-malware and antivirus software. So with this you have to clean your pc and Perform a full scan of your registry and repair all registry errors found.

Here's how I eventually managed to get rid of CouponDropdown Virus:

1. Delete all these associating files:
%appdata %\Local\[random]
%appdata %\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Templates\[random]

2. Run Registry and Remove Registry entries for CouponDropdown:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Cr_Installer HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System “DisableRegedit” = “”
HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\{rnd }

Why Should You Need to Repair Registry?
Spyware and Malware as we all know it, modify and twist system registry by adding some dll. Eventually crippling the machine functions and your pc refrains from performing properly. The pc still encounters problem even if the malware and spyware are already removed because the system registry stays altered and distorted. So it is important to repair registry to make your pc works perfectly again.

Lastly, performing system maintenance on a regular basis is a MUST. These are 2 powerful and effective tools that I keep and use at least every other week to keep my system clean. You can download these tools for free.



Thanks this help me solve my problem!

@Anonymous This virus is really a pain in the a$$. Good to know I was able to help

I need lots of help. You wrote
Delete all these associating files:

How do I do that? Pretend I'm from mars and tell me how.

@Anonymous Hi! you can browse it in your C:\Windows directory

i'm gonna try to remove it tonight, thank you so much! ♥

Thanks for sharing this! Been finding a way that really works and finally it did! =)

I am still having trouble, i looked through my programs installed and nothing on that list is there. I looked in c://directory and from there I have no idea where to start. Any ideas what to do next?

@Anonymous Hi Anonymous3 try digging hard on your C:\Windows directory and follow the #2 tips on how to remove registry entries witth the associated files. Anyway have you tried checking all the plugins, extensions and add-ons on your web browser? You could also refer from this article How to Remove or Uninstall CouponDropdown

What if all the files pile in and there is over 700 files that have to do with coupondropdown and also hold together your computer? o3o I'm afraid to delete anything oAo

@Anonymous Hi I know it's scary to delete anything from the c:\windows directory coz you might delete some thing important BUT it is more scary to know what coupondropdown virus can do to your pc. So it is highly suggested that you remove all files that are associated with it to avoid further harm or damage that it might cost.

@Executive Dirtbag asdfghjkl but I'm still afraid if my laptop might go berserk if I delete all those files and I think I'd rather leave all this to a expert because I'm not so good with computers -v-;
but thank you for this advice since I know what to do in the distant future if I get this again and stuff ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ

@Anonymous Yup if you can't do it by yourself you can always get help from the expert. They know better and I think it would leave you at peace. =)

Is it GOOD that there is no more files that pop up that have to do with Coupondropdown? does that mean I got rid of it? or do I have to download those two things at the bottom?

Hello! I cant seem to find any of those files and i tried cleaning up my pc and its still here. i tried looking into the registry and nothings happening . help~

MEH I deleted all the files but the ads from Coupondropdown is still popping up and slowing down my computer :C and I dowloaded that Malware bytes thing but it didn't help at all D:

I can't find where to delete the files?

Fuck coupon drop down, fuck them in thier stupid assholes! Who would even designed this ?!

Can you walk me through how to find all these files. Do I do a search? And what do I search for exactly? thanks.

this has been a real pain and every time I go to look something that is underlined up those dam ads come up and girls half clad in my business mail is driving me spare...I have been through browser can't find it there and trying what they recommend to get rid of does not work of course. These people are the scourge using yahoo mail and a drop down quick questionnaire is morally wrong and all it does is make you mad as hell. These people should be caught up with and fined for being a public nuisance

I have gone through all of the files and found none of them. i have none of the toolbars or extensions installed and after searching my registry i have literally none of the entries you have listed.
i will try malwarebytes but i dont hold out any hope...

looks like yet another fresh install of windows will be required...

I find AdwCleaner does a nice job, too, in removing this nuisance.

Thank you so much. After weeks of trying to figure out how to get rid of this, your post was the only one that actually helped. Thank you!

@AnonymousThank you sooooo much for this!
I've been trying to figure out how to get rid of this shit for 2 weeks.
You just made my day!
Thanks again!

It didnt help at all.Because i dindt find any of those names listed above..And the adds are still their!HELP PLEASE!

I found the file 1 click downloader on my computer and I cant delete it, it says its still open and I need to close it but I cant arhhhhhh so frustrating

@Anonymous 13 Hi Try to kill the process in the Task Manager

@Executive Dirtbag :
Hi ! Can you pls tell me how to search for these associated files...
in "Search CO (C:)
- tried searching for CouponDropdown or just coupon... got nothing
- then tried copy pasting the a.m. file names, got nothing
- then tried "temp AND .bat" (for example), got nothing
- I searched for parts of the file names, got nothing (apart from with "Programdata" but didn't dare delete them - maybe I should've ?)

and have no idea as to how to proceed with your "2. Run Registry and Remove Registry entries for CouponDropdown:"

This CouponDropdown garbage is driving nuts and just can't seem to find a way of getting rid of it (also tried downloading AdwCleaner, and after a cleanup, it still there).

PLS PLS PLS help me/us with a clear way of proceeding with these deletions/removals !!!

Thx very much for your help

Thank you so much!! This thing has been annoying the crap out of me for a week and I had no idea how the hell it had even got there!! So relieved to be rid of it!! ^^

I still have that dirt on my pc, can't find anything of the above on my computer,- not in browsers extensions, not in assosisated files and not in the registry. :(

Thanks dude! This is the easiest way i've ever read so far on how to get rid of this crap! I tried it and finally it works for me. Guys, just follow the instructions carefully and use your common sense as well and you will also succeed in removing it. If you happen to still encounter this problem, it means you haven't successfully deleted and removed all the files related to coupondropdown. Run through it again.

Use Avast Free AntiVirus Softwar For Disable
Look at the Picture

im looking if this a fake site, if this comment shows like this, ill follow ur tips

Thanks for useful info. My Laptop infected by coupondropdown thru DefaultTab program. When I removed Defaulttab from my Laptop coupon drop down completed removed.

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