Mar 9, 2013

How to Remove or Uninstall CouponDropdown

For the past few days I have been infected with CouponDropdown Ads popping on my Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer browsers. I get random words on any page site that are underlined. These underlined words are link to sites where I can win stuffs and to other  unwanted ads by CouponDropDown.

So What is CouponDropdown? is an adware that displays advertisements and hijacks your browsers. It can be categorized as one of the newly released browser hijackers or browser redirect viruses. It can avoid your antivirus protection which means your anti-virus may not recognize it. This browser hijackers are created and used by hackers to collect as much information as possible from PC users to make money.

CouponDropdown uses in-text advertisements similar to Text Enhance and can be voluntarily installed with third party applications, add-ons and extensions.

How Dangerous is Redirect Virus?
1. It can change your homepage forcibly and redirect you to unwanted sites.
2. It can download Trojans without your permission in order to ingest viruses, malware and spyware to damage your computer.
3. Personal privacy is in high risk of exposure to the open.
4. System stability and data store will also be threatened.
5. Infected files can be dropped into your computer to mess up with legitimate files.

This unwanted popping ads and underlined hyper link text really annoys me. It's pestering me and I hate it.

how to remove coupon dropdown virus

Here are the Step by Step Ways on How To Manually Remove

1. Uninstall CouponDropdown or anything similar to the lists of installed programs from the Add and Remove Programs in the Control Panel.

2. Remove CouponDropDown Add-on/Extension. Find any unknown or unwanted extensions from your browser from the lists and remove them as well.
  • CouponDropDown
  • FBPhotoZoom
  • HDvid Codec 
  • IB Updater
  • OneClickDownload
  • OneClickDownloader 
  • Online HD TV
  • PutLockerDownloader
  • StartNow 
  • TornTV
  • TorrentHandler 
  • Yontoo
  • ZoomIt
  • 1ClickDown
  • 1ClickDownloader
  • Incredibar Toolbar
For Google Chrome:
1. Go to Tools > Extensions.
2. Find CouponDropDown and any other add-ons on the list above. Remove it by clicking the trash can icon. 

Mozilla Firefox:
1. Go to Tools and select Add-ons.
2. Click Extensions and Plugin tabs. Find CouponDropDown. Select and Remove it and any other add-ons on the list above.

Microsoft Internet Explorer:
1. Go to Tools and select Manage add-ons.
2. On the Toolbars and Extensions tabs. Find CouponDropDown. Select and Remove it and any other add-ons on the list above.

4. Clear Cache And Cookies

5. Run Anti-Malware Software - If necessary, scan, detect, and remove malware. Malwarebytes is the most recommended Antivirus. If scan results with malicious item detected. Remove it.

6. Restart your PC.


All these Steps are all proven effective and really resolved the CouponDropdown problem.  But in my case I still had the issue with my browsers because none of the programs or add-ons and plugins I mentioned above are installed in my computer and no any malicious item were found on my pc when I run the anti-malware and antivirus software.

Crappppp right? It gives me headache. Nevertheless, after spending hours on my pc trying to find an answer, I was able to removed it successfully. How? I'll blog it on my next update. 

Anyway, Just follow this steps and your PC will be okay again. Trust me. (",)


UPDATE: Here's the follow up article.. How To Remove CouponDropDown Permanently



It's not a useful plugin, so it's best if you just remove it rather than have a program that is in the gray area in terms of security.

thanks for sharing this helpful tips!

I don't know how i got this virus now i'm glad i found an answer. Thanks you're my saviour dude!

umm can you provide a link to the "next post" you mentioned where you finally ridded yourself of this annoying little bugger? I still can't seem to get it off my computer, and even with a fresh windows install, is seemed to survive. This adware is like a cockroach!

Thanks! i get rid of it finally!

Quote: Nevertheless, after spending hours on my pc trying to find an answer, I was able to removed it successfully. How? I'll blog it on my next update. Unquote:
Hi - I am having this same issue. Can't find it anywhere. Can you please let me know how you finally did it?

Ha! On this page advising how to remove this annoying 'feature', there it is - 4 TIMES - appearing underlined and in red like your legitimate links... such a nuisance... Hope I can get rid of it with your help...

Thank you very much! After half year seeing it everyday I finally get rid of it!!!

But one more question. I cannot remove the Yontoo from control panel. The computer says Setup initialization error. Is there any other way I can remove the Yontoo program from my pc?

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Hello i am new here. First of all thanks for sharing this nice blog. I want to ask one question. I installed avira antivirus but i cant use this antivirus properly?

I really love your post,thanks for sharing this and looking forward to see more from you.

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