Jul 14, 2014

You wouldn't Believed A Two-Toned Face Cat Exists Until You See This

Looks like a two different cat with one face. This is Venus the Chimera cat, born with two completely different shades of fur on her face. A ginger fluff on one half with blue eye and black fur on the other side with yellow eye. 

venus the cat
Venus the cat 
venus chimera cat

The term Chimera  is taken from the mythical monster or fictional animal with the heads of a goat, lion and snake, refers to a real – albeit relatively rare – condition where two genetically distinct embryos merge in the womb.

venus the cat genetics

venus the cat today show

Believe it or not this very rare cat is currently enjoying stardom with more than 205,000 Facebook fans and 3,000 YouTube subscribers, and has taken the internet by storm. She just appeared at the American show 'Live Today' and had a live stint on Good Morning America.



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