Jul 2, 2014

Another Used To Be

Life is strange…

In the midst of this kaleidoscope world surrounded with different souls, your gaze would certainly somehow cease in one particular sight. You will meet someone, say your first hello, throw your first smile. You get along, you laugh together, you two became close. Magic, and you start to believe in it.

magical feeling

It is all great for awhile..

We are bound to have no clues, when our defenses are down. Intuitions are disregarded as trust starts to deceive itself. Somehow something will always come along the way. Shaken, the once strong becomes weak. Time and attention were now bestowed to someone else. Questions are left unanswered, as lies and alibis convert into a covered shield.

unanswered questions

Now the certain things turns to uncertainty..

Then someone gets tired, someone stops trying. You lose faith on fate. You run out of hope for chances. Less talk, tongue-tied conversations, deafening silent moment. The falling off… the drifting. The magic fades..

The reality strikes..

One day you were just two strangers who became friends and went to being more than friends... and ends up being barely strangers again. The person you know becomes that person you knew. That's how it usually goes. That's the sad truth in reality.

Letting Go

The story becomes memories… 

Even though how hard we try to work things out and hope for the best, we often can't avoid the inevitable. Simply because we all still lose someone regardless of how much faith we have and how tight we gripped on. Their chapter in our lives eventually ends but we never completely forget them. And at times, it is those memories that gives us hope to carry on.

Another Used to be

... and it all then became... Another used to be.



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