Nov 28, 2013

Newest WTF Invention: Funny Looking Japanese Face Slimmer Exercise Mouthpiece

With regards to discovering unusual solutions to day-to-day issues, Japanese are indeed the world frontrunners innovative leaders. And this time a new Japanese invention is taking at least that nation by storm. 

WTF Invention: Magic Face Slimmer Exercise Mouthpiece

You may not be able to keep yourself from laughing when you see someone wearing this mouthpiece, it really makes the person looks funny with a fish mouth. Surely you'll get a hard guess at first sight what's this fish mouth thing is. Mind Blowing - It could be anything really like a teeth whitener tray, a duckface or fishlip training device, a botox side effects, a lip surgery gone wrong, a lip augmentation ala Angelina Jolie, a BJ assistant, a startled blowjob fish dolls or anything your creative mind could think of.

japanese face slimmer

japanese inventions

This funny looking Japanese invention is actually an anti-ageing device claims to give solution to sagging facial skin and muscles that much-needed daily fit. This gadget  makes you exercise your facial muscles, supposedly to slim your face without plastic surgery.

Created by cosmetic company Glim, The face slimmer exercise mouthpiece can make one's face look perfect and more youthful in just 3 minutes a day by working out your face muscles as you open and close your mouth singing Aaaaa, Eeeeeee, Iiiiiiiiiii, Oooooooohhh, and Uuuuuhhh as well as pulling funny faces

funny gadget

Check out the manufacturers' easy guidelines on how to use and how you can take advantage of this unique anti-ageing device:
Just three minutes per day is all you need; pop in the mold and then make mouth movements. The makers recommend you say vowel sounds out loud over and over again, producing regular and methodical exercises that will strength the twelve facial expression muscles in a comprehensive way. 

Fight wrinkles around your eyes and help shape the overall look of your face, whether in front of the mirror, in the bath or at any other convenient time every day. The movements are given extra load by the mold, forcing everything to work a bit harder and resulting in more youthful, vibrant faces.
funny japanese inventions

The Face Slimmer Exercise Mouthpiece is selling for $61, plus postage and packing from



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Looks like a sex toy.... probably used as one. Lol

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