Feb 12, 2013

Shallow Scribbles of an Autobiography of a Pissed Off Guru of Today’s Nonsense

Yesterday was just a regular day like any other..

I journey the path which is frequently travelled. I blend with the crowd wearing their poker faces. I mimic actions like an alien. Came in and out of the room like a ghost. I watch this chaotic planet as a marshal with all eyes shut wide open in an unsubstantiated observations but I have a retained informations in an exabytes chips inside my brain. With backup UPS for frequent system and power breakdowns.

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Nothing else to be noted about me. .

I am just like any ordinary creep found in your social networking accounts, listed on your Facebok, Twitter, LinkedIn, Stumbleupon, Reddit, Youtube. I am the typical pest mingling around your comfort zone. 

I am a swindler.
... A scammer. 
....A gambler.
... A snatcher of ideas. 
... A convicted rapist of thoughts. 
... An unstructured terrorist of emotions. 
... An award-winner dramatic actress of a forgotten life. 
... An angst-ridden blogger. 
... A mushy music lover. 
... A workaholic prototype human-robot who works 8 hours a day in a hell-like cubicle with a mind forced to function even in my comfort zone which I called home.
... An under-appreciated creative-less designer. 
... A clueless techie. 
... A deranged geek in the pink... 

And a certified guru of lessons learned from



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