Jun 5, 2012

What's Left Unsaid Speaks the Loudest

Do you ever go through those days when you want to randomly punch everyone for no apparent reason especially those who seems to look okay and happy? 

Says do you ever feel like giving up and like there is no point in trying anymore? If yes.. Welcome To My World. My head keeps on saying “who gives a shit”.. but my heart says “i do”. It always feels like losing someone I never had a hold of. Oh well if I had a pound for every time i let my heart gets broken... I would definitely be VERY RICH by now.  Sometimes... what's left unsaid... speaks the loudest.. they say "wow you seem really like a happy dude" and I would always end up saying that "I am" but what i really wanted to say what was my innerthoughts been screaming.. "i'm not, i'm just a good liar"

Now I know why they call it falling in love. Your spirits fall, your hopes fall, your heart falls badly, and they get broke at the same time. I always wonder why it is, that whenever you find someone you thought was just right for you, and you thought they care for you... for some reasons that’s hard to comprehend.. you would still end up breaking into little pieces. Maybe I just focused so hard on what I WANTED that I lost sight of what I DESERVED but how can you say what’s deserving for you when this harsh crazy little world we lives in knows nothing about certainty and rightfulness? 

They always say never waste your time on falling for someone, that wouldn't catch you. But humans gets to confused between right from wrong, gets to use their fragile heart instead of their innocent head because the toughest argument ever usually lies between your heart and your head. Unfortunately, your head is usually right, even though you follow your heart for a while. No matter how clever a person is when it comes to heart matters… they would always end up as stupid as they can be. Many people say they want to find true love, yet when it's standing right in front of them, they're either blind to it, take it for granted, or send it away. And if they fail and fell head first.. they would blame love as the culprit for bringing tears in their eyes and ruining their dreams. So is it fair then? 

One form of loving is when you just want the best for someone and it is whether it INCLUDES YOU or NOT. So regardless of how black and blue and bruised you can get.. it’s part of it. No one ever seems to realize that when they say, "The last thing I want to do is hurt you," it just basically implies that there is a list and hurting you is on it and you are left with no option but to be ready. The worst isn't really when you like someone that much and they can’t like you back, but the worst feeling is not knowing whether to hold on still  to what you keep most or just let go and breathe. Sometimes no matter how much you want someone, no matter how much you love them, no matter how desperate you are for them... sometimes you just can't have them. And that’s the sad truth of life. You can’t always dream for your dreams, though dreams are free. You can’t always have what you want. You can’t always expect some thing good to happen when that good "thing" you want is as vague as a pee in a shit. 



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