Jun 13, 2012

Baddest Love

Tell me why I never see that smile on your face you say you havin’ fun but you’re feeling out of place. You get a couple drinks then you say you gotta go your girlfriends. Wondering what the hell’s wrong. You haven’t been the same girl. Ever since your ex left but that’s a sign that you haven’t had the best yet . I don’t want your loneliness to be your best friend. So I’m trynna let you know that I’m the next step. I could be your best bet. But you know this ain’t a gamble. Love ain’t a question, it’s always the Answer. I see you lookin’ for that. But them lames playing games. Trynna get in your pants but you always see it comin’. So you never call back. it’s not like you’re a bitch, you just know they all bad and you know you’re all that I just wanna know where you stand cause.. 

I know it’s been a minute since you had something real. A change from the usual, do you like what you feel? This is how it should go. You know that I got you, if you got me. That’s the way these things are supposed to be. I just wanna let you know that you got the.. Baddest Love, babe. You got the Baddest Love, babe. So I’m just to figure out. Let me know if you're down..

I ain't a mind reader, I just know when it's a front. Especially when I hear all the songs that you bump. Givin' halfway XO's, you never come out now. Used to be the party now you're all in the background. You ain't the same 'cause you're holding your bags. Said you wanna move on but you keep looking back. Is it the past that you hold in your lap? Why you doin' all that when you know that it's bad. But I could help you with that. We could roam around the city just to help you relax. With the drama there's a lesson attached. Good thing you learn fast, you're ahead of the class. And I know that things change. People move on with their lives every day. But I'll stay and Ima show you that I'm all yours. I just hope that I'm the gurl that you fall for...



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