Apr 3, 2012

Batman in Batmobile Pulled Over

Caught up on Tape: Montgomery County Police pulled over a man dressed as Batman for driving his black Batmobile Lamborghini Gallardo without a proper license plate. The Dark Knight escaped without a ticket after presenting his documents and telling police he was heading to work at a Charity Hospital and visit sick children.

Batman, aka Lenny Robinson, poses for a picture.

The man behind this mask and cape is Lenny B. Robinson, a wealthy philanthropist who visits sick children in hospitals around the Baltimore area in a $5,000 neoprene-and-leather Batman suit.  He's  giving kids so some much-needed fun by handing out Batman toys and signs autographs, as well as boosting the morale of their parents.

Apparently in Gotham City you don't need proper tags on your vehicle and Dark Knight does answer to law enforcement. (",)



Wowwww he really has a good heart for children. A hero indeed in that sense. Keep it up batman!

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