Apr 2, 2014

Would you Spend $100,000 to Look Like Justin Bieber? This Guy Did and the Result is Un-Beliebable

Justin Bieber Superfan, 33-year-old 'songwriter' Toby Sheldon takes celebrity obsession to a whole new level.

justin bieber fan plastic surgery

Sheldon's Bieber-devotion cost him $100,000 on five years worth of extensive plastic surgery to make him look like his idol, Justin Bieber. He even had the costly "smile surgery" done just to have the "Bieber Smile" for 50 grand alone.

justin bieber toby sheldon

justin bieber fan toby sheldon

Strange Bieber Addiction

Now, Does he look like Justin Bieber? Maybe you need to be a 'Belieber' to believe it.



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