Dec 18, 2013

WTF China News: Doctors Attach Severed Hand to Foot

Science is full of wonders. It is what makes a person to marvel and explore those mysteries and creates phenomenon. Medicine is the field of applied science related to the art of healing by diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease. Science is fun and interesting to learn about and when Science and Medicine combines and top it with the touch of Chinese wit, it can really be amazing and a hell of a freak show pulled out from the creepiest brain of Stephen King.

This is exactly the case, Creating a whole new perspective to human anatomy. In a Weird China News: Severed man's hand attached to foot in a bizarre and strange emergency procedures.

china strange news

Indeed in addition to strange news around the world is another bizarre news and WTF story from China. A 25-year old factory guy named Xiao Wei is the only man on earth, (so far I think) known to have a hand attached to his foot. Xiao Wei's right hand was cut off  in a freak accident with a drilling machine during his work at a factory in Hunan province. Doctors saved his severed hand and kept it alive for a month by attaching it to his ankle.

weird chinese news

The injury has been way too extreme and critical to re-attach the actual hand promptly, and so the quick thinking surgeons at the Xiangya Hospital did the unthinkable decided to graft it temporarily to his lower leg to prevent it from dying and losing blood supply while treating his other injuries.

wtf china news

Nearly a month after his hand was severed, Wei had recovered sufficiently to undergo reattachment surgery. According to doctors he will need to undergo several other procedures, but they are hopeful that he will regain full function of his hand.

This story is really odd but true and the latest weird news today.



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