Apr 9, 2013

The Morning Dilemma

Morning is the beginning of a new day where people is ideally energetic and full of positive thoughts. Starting the day right keeps you on the mood, to be productive and active for the rest of the day.

Oh well, this ofcourse doesn't apply to all. Mornings can be a nightmare extension for some people, especially when Monday morning comes. Everybody hates Monday, or if not.. 'most' people dislike it. Who wouldn't? Monday is a one big slap reminder that weekends are over and you can't do anything but to get your ass up because it's the start of another week at school or at work. A prison-week for some to be stuck-up in school pretending to be friends with physics or algebra and a hell-like-type of week for guys like me who's feeling like a cyborg forced to work multi-task in a mothership filled with aliens who knows nothing best but to complain.

Getting up early in the morning is really a pain in the ass, what more if it is Monday. Well some people are more productive at night, and I'm one of those few people who can stay up late working non-stop but can't wake up early in the morning to work even for a single task to do. And if there's what we called a 'Monday sickness' or 'Monday Fever', i have my own 'Tuesday Blues' and it infects me every second workday of the week. This is so me an hour ago ⇩⇩⇩⇩. Cramming to get up and yet ended up stuck in bed. (",) ZZZZZzzzzzzzz 

monday blues



This made me smile because I remember when I was like this haha.

Nice writing style btw

@Daniel Scroggins Hi daniel thanks for dropping by. It made me smile as well knowing that i made someone smile by this post lol! So we're on the same boat. Welcome to the club of late owls who hates early birds =)

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