Mar 14, 2013

Love at First Sight: An Epic Love Note at S'pore Bus Stop Goes Viral

Do you believe in Love at First Sight? Hear this story..
A boy's love note detailing his desperate search for the girl of his dreams was spotted at a bus stop pole along Upper Thomson Road has been going rounds on social networking and gone viral.

"I believe in love at first sight. You want that connection,
and then you want some problems." 
- Keanu Reeves

bus stop love story

Bizarre Bus Stop Love Story

The unsigned lengthy poster type note entitled “Looking for Girl" shows a heartfelt outburst of emotions of a smittened boy searching anxiously to see again the girl with a “long-haired, quite tanned” whom he came across sitting with in a public bus.

The note started with “This is not a joke. Seriously”, and  goes on with a details of their happenstance, from the clothes the girl was wearing to the seat slot where they were seated of bus 855. The girl boarded the bus with her parents at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 and “alighted opposite Thomson Plaza. He described himself as a "slim-built guy with black specs" who was seated facing them.

The writer then explained why he was looking for her. “I know this is gonna sound really cheesy and desperate but I am at my sincerest and you have got to believe me. I felt an instant connection with you the moment I saw you. I have never experience such a feeling before, not with any girl I saw or met,” He added, “I’m sure you noticed me glancing at you periodically and sometimes, our eyes met. I badly wanted to get your phone number but was afraid of your parents’ reaction..”

A "deep longing ache . . "

This guy was really resourceful in pulling off a stunt like this, although some choices of words would have scared me off or any girl friends I know because in spite of being just sincere, he seemed too forward as well.

The creepy part perhaps gets in when the writer said that he felt a “deep longing ache” for her after she got off the bus, and that “that feeling continue to linger strongly" inside of him.
He then stated he would wait at the bus stop at James Cook University’s Singapore campus near Upper Thomson Road every Sunday beginning 10 March, at 7.30pm and that if she does not appear, “I will leave and come back every Sunday… until I see you.” Kinda sounds like an obsess stalker.

This is a rather peculiar but sweet and sincere note from a guy who was love struck and can't move on with that 'certain feeling' that follows from their first glance, but somehow his stunt is kinda creepy. 

Highschool love or puppy love.. whatever it is, Love is really mysterious and you can never really tell where and when it's gonna strike. And yeah, pretty girls can really make some men carry out foolish acts. 

The poster has been shared over 1,000 times as of Wednesday morning and was originally seen and posted on Facebook by Kieron Gabriel Ng on Sunday.



I agree this is kinda creepy if I'm the girl he's searching for.

Love at first sight must really be true then. Well it works for them =) - Wei lau

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