Dec 31, 2012

Year of the Snake 2013 Astrology and Fortune Telling


The Year of Water Snake, February 10, 2013 to January 30, 2014, will let you shine! This energy enhances your natural charm and quiet self-confidence. You'll easily set and work to achieve ambitious goals. 

In a Snake year all your qualities, positive and negative, are magnified. This means your tendency to be suspicious can become unreasonable paranoia. Your need to balance injustice can spark bitter retaliation. Take a deep breath and keep your sense of humor. Personal success is the best revenge! 

In a Water Snake year, emotional sensitivity helps you easily read where other people are coming from. Never doubt your intuition.

LOVE: Your natural sexual magnetism is a powerful force that needs to be controlled if you hope to avoid romantic complications. A tendency to be practical, even in love, helps you make wise choices. Take time getting to know any new person. 

If you have a partner, take time early in the year to set romantic, ambitious goals for the future. You'll do much more as a team than you can alone. If jealousy becomes an issue, you must talk about it!

FAMILY & FRIENDS: Dress for success and expect to make a good impression. What you choose to share helps you get ahead in any area of interest. Parties, volunteer efforts, and gatherings of friends will bring useful contacts that help you get what you want.

It's possible to take the lead in win-win situations that benefit you and others at the same time. In a Water year, trust your first instincts. You'll be able to sense who is on your side and who isn't.

WORK: No matter what your background or skill set, you have a classy way of being what others admire. The May 9 New Moon/Eclipse can bring you to a career crossroads. Don't expect overnight transformations. At the same time, decisions and contacts you make will bring benefits later in the year. In a crisis you can easily take the lead and win well-deserved recognition. 

If you are feeling restless and want to change jobs, September and January are Snake's luckiest months.

Year of the Snake

MONEY: Your imagination and determination will help put you on the road to financial security. The natural self-reliance of Snake can create problems where shared resources are concerned. Make sure when a family budget is made that everyone is on the same page. Don't be afraid to ask for expert advice. 

Around the November 3 New Moon/Solar Eclipse there is a risk you'll spend more than you should on a big-ticket item. Think twice before becoming overextended. Still, be generous with others.

In the Chinese zodiac, the Snake is listed after the Dragon, but its place and its significance as a symbol of worship is far less than that of the Dragon. it carries the meanings of malevolence, cattiness and mystery, as well as acumen, divination and the ability to distinguish herbs. In some places, people believe that a snake found in their court can bring delight. During Spring Festival, people like to paste onto their doors and windows the paper-cut 'Fu' character (happiness), combined with a snake twisting around a rabbit onto their doors and windows as a popular pattern indicating wealth.

They often have a good temper and a skill at communicating but say little. They possess gracious morality and great wisdom. They are usually financially secure and do not have to worry about money. They have tremendous sympathy for others and would like to take actions to help ther fellow human beings. They are determined to accomplished their goals hate to fail. Although they look calm on the surface, they are intense and passionate. They have a rich source of inspiration and understand themselves well. They are people of great perception. Women under the sign of the snake do well in housework but are irritable.

They are likely to be jealous and suspicious. They should be cautious about what they discuss with others, as it might cause them to lose friendship and opportunities. They tend to overdo things. They prefer to rely on themselves and have doubts about other people's judgment. They are courteous with polite manners, but they can be headstrong. They are fickle and usually have problems in relationships or marriage problems. 


Earthly Branch of Birth Year: Si
Wu Xing (The Five Elements): Huo (fire)
Yin Yang: yin
Auspicious Directions: Northeast, Southwest and South
Lucky Colors: Red, Light Yellow, Black; Avoid: White, Golden, Brown
Lucky Numbers: 2, 8, 9; Avoid: 1, 6, 7
Lucky Flowers: Orchid, Cactus

Zodiac Sign Compatibility

Best with: Ox or Rooster
Less with: Rat, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep
Worst with: Tiger, Monkey or Pig


Overview: It is their turn to encounter the Year of Birth (Benming Nian), a year to offend “Taisui”, the god in charge of people’s fortune. In general, they shall be very careful to handle everything to avoid the unexpected ominous things. While in 2013 they may meet their Lucky Star who will help them from time to time.

They will confront many tests in career this year so that they shall learn much from the tests or difficulties. Their Lucky Star will help them with certain promotion. They also need to focus on developing themselves to make great achievements in their work.
Wealth: They will not have decent income in the first half year, but their financial fortune will come in the second half year, especially after the early winter. Businessmen will find it is a little hard to run business and the profits don’t come as usual. All in all, the snake people have to make ends meet.

Relationship: Generally, they have good fortune in relationship this year. However, the married people need to prevent from the extramarital affairs. They should spend more time in communicating with their partners. In addition, giving birth to a baby and moving to another house this year will not make any negative influence on the couples’ relationship. Singles will evolve their relationship in 2013 and they may meet some loving ones. Don’t offend others in case they avenge! 

They will be healthy at most time, but they should pay attention to the discomfort in intestines and stomach, eyes and heart. Once some uncomfortable symptoms happen, it is suggested to see a doctor soon. Moderate sports and sufficient rest are important to keep healthy. They are also supposed to control their emotions in case of some unexpected hurt.

Year of Birth: 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025




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