Jul 13, 2012

Search for Love

All our lives we search for someone to love. Someone that will make us giggle, smile and laugh for no reasons at all, someone to makes us feel complete. We hang out, date, choose partners and change partners in this quest to finding someone to fill in our emptiness and to find the better half of our heart. 

We swim to an ocean of dreams, dance to a song of heartbreaks, and sing our heart out believing in hope. All the while wondering if somewhere, somehow, there's someone near perfect who might be also searching for us.

Search for Love

We can search throughout the entire universe looking for someone who can be deserving of our love and affection. But most of us fail, because we tend to waste time looking for the perfect lover, when in fact we should be creating the perfect love. We should instead learn to find and settle for someone that is going to treat us right, respects us and not only just find someone to love.

search for someone to love

Maybe love is like luck indeed and you have to take a peek beyond your comfort zone, take the risk and go all the way to find it. But I don't think I have to go looking for it. Because i believe love will come to you, knocking on your door, waiting to swept you off your feet.. and luckily.. it just did. Love is just right within my reach all along, all i have to do is appreciate it.. close my eyes and embrace its moments.

Song Title: I searched For You

Artist: Ellie Williams ft Babyface 



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