Apr 30, 2012

Life Goes On


go wrong.


Life Goes On.

[Gym Class Heroes]

Let's go!
Or when the day is gone. Or when the nights are long. Life goes on. Life goes on. We gotta live it up til it's gone. Cuz we won't be around too long. Life goes on. Life goes on..

Lately it seems the good dreams are few and far between. Nightmares are putting fires out with gasoline. And I'm just tryna stay righteous. Sometimes I see my own face in Christ's likeness. And apart from my life's vices, fifteen years young had my first mid-life crisis. But it's tough to stay upright and pious when people you hold highest be the ones that most biased. My daddy told me misery loves company. If that's the case they must hate they ain't getting none from me. I don't sweat it, it's embedded in my DNA. I got a good heart and bad brains BMA.

Up late facebooking, playing could've been. And staring at an empty bed my ex-girl should've been in. Thinking what I woulda done different. Not a damn thing cuz finally i'm done with it. Besides I got a girl that adores me. 
And I never take for granted all things she does for me. I shoot the moon down and put it on a wedding band. And sing "These Arms of Mine" to her. She's Otis Redding fan. And she'll never forget it man, Cuz she knows she'll never find a better man. Let's go ahead with these wedding plans. Come on, let's sing a song life goes on.

You take too much for granted. Too much, We don't want an inch we want mile. I just can't understand it. Can't understand it, Is it really that hard to smile? We don't ask, we demand it.

Life Goes On...



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