Mar 1, 2012

Apple iPhone 1983 - The Original iPhone

The iPhone maybe Apple's  first "official" phone but apparently it wasn't their first touchscreen phone. 

The original rendition of an Apple phone was developed, 25 years ago - way back in 1983, by Hartmut Esslinger, founder of Frogdesign, which helped design numerous Apple products. Unfortunately, this iPhone ancestor never got into the market.

iphone 1983

first apple iphone 1983

The early version of the iPhone looks like a traditional land line, with built in screen and controlled by a stylus, a feature that Steve Jobs dropped from the original iPhone design.

The Original Apple iPhone

It's amazing to know that the concept of the iPhone, which paved way for technology's revolution, has already existed more than a couple of decades ago and is just one of all the prototypes buried by Apple in the past.

First Apple iPhone Prototype

Apple Original iPhone 1983



Wow back then this technology is only for starwars. Apple must have really be an icon and pioneer when it comes to an amazing technology which we all now enjoy.

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