Feb 26, 2012

My New PC Buddy: Acer Aspire Z5801!

Finally after more than three weeks of being isolated and feeling alone and devastated with a busted lappy, now I'm alive.. i got a new baby... Pc + TV = 24" Slim HD multi-touch screen Acer Aspire Z5801!

There are many powerful cheaper laptops and pc out there that can give me what I want and it really took me a couple of weeks to decide on this. My previous laptop was Acer Aspire 9301AWSMI, loaded with an AMD Turion 64 ML processor and a 17" wide screen.. Specs and features just right for me and my designing stuffs. It was a great laptop and my companion for the past 5 yrs until it gave up on me and left me heartbroken. Thinking for a replacement was quite really hard for me coz I was accustomed and attached to it for quite a long time but i have to let go and scout for a new one.
My old Acer Aspire 9301AWSMI
The first thing I consider in finding a new pc buddy is the specs, next is the screen and lastly the design. I think Acer Z5801 got it all. With it's powerful Intel Core i7 Processor, an 8gb RAM and 1.5TB hard drive, can easily impress anyone in one go with its features and latest specs. And of course the sleek design of Slim HD Ergo-Multi touch screen suits my needs in graphic design.

My work space at home
Released last August 2011, Aspire Z5801 All-in-one PC is a media-centered personal computer and great for surfing the web or playing games. Ideal for multi tasking, the wireless connectivity allows you to use the PC in any room of your home. It got tons of space for storing my favorite songs, downloaded videos and photos. The wireless keyboard and mouse provide a great amount of freedom when I'm working or browsing the internet. Complete with an integrated TV tuner, it would allow me to watch, pause and record live TV straight onto my pc which I am so excited to try.

With its 24'' edge to edge screen, I can play my favorite game Sims and surf the net at the same time in a wide full view and gives me a cool, hands-on control of today′s latest HD multimedia and social networking. And by the way the screen also features a unique tilt design. Hehehe astig that's why I'm in love with it! (",)

Here's the Full Specs:
Form Factor:                  All-in-one
Processor:                     2nd Gen Intel Core i7-2600
                                        (2.8GHz - 3.4 GHz, 1333MHz, 8mb L3 Cache)

Graphics:                       NVIDIA Ge Force GT 530 Graphic Card
                                        (2GB Dedicated RAM)

RAM:                              8GB
Hard Drive:                   1.5 TB
Optical Drive:                Blu-Ray Combo Driver
Networking support:    Gigabit Ethernet, WLAN
Operating System:       Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
Screen:                          24" Full HD with 10-point multi-touch display
Accessories:               - Built in Web Cam 
                                      - Dolby Home Theater Speaker
                                      - TV-Tuner with Remote Control
                                      - Multi-in-1 card reader



I've been checking this out in some pc stores but i seldom see this. I think you'll have to pre-order this first before you can buy. Quite a limited stocks of product i guess.

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