Jan 23, 2012

Life in Geometry: Never Assume Anything is True Unless You Have Proved It

Lesson Learned.. Never Assume on Anything. Never assume based on your own perception. The assumptions you make on some things should never be based on what you heard she/he said. Sometimes reading between the line is reading the line to misleading.

So I learned that Geometry is all around us in real life where perfectly straight lines and absolutely accurate measurement exist. To try and 'validate' the truth of  geometry is presented in the sense of better representing our life through observations and accurate calculations.

Life is indeed lot like Geometry. You can never assume that anything is true, unless you have proved it or unless as it happens. Miscalculation is another thing.

The one problem that some find with is that it is not accurate enough to represent the three dimensional universe that we live in. While it is good for us to survey and get accustomed to the situations or relationships we are at, when it is moved to another level, to postulate or to simply assume or assert the truth and reality based on arguments does not actually always end up to some “things” in between. Both of those measurement hold up to two dimensional world of two individuals, as well as the third dimension of reality. 

The first mistake is to assume that some “thing” exist. When you happen to meet someone in an unexpected place and situation and you sort of have connection and started flirting, exchanging sms and bridging miles through burned phone calls. You might think that you have the “thing” already. Never assumed at once that you hit it up unless you wanna put yourself in the losing end. Never assumed anything even though he makes you feel it and heard him saying those suggesting or convincing words. Never assumed that you both are on the same ground just as you like him and he likes you back. BIG MISTAKE.

In reality it is hard to determine which pure mathematics of points, depthness, in between lines and curves and surfaces provides the best representation of that entire so-called relationship. If what you have is hyperbolic… one way or another it will grow and expand. If it has the "ordinary" physical distance between you two, it will grow indefinitely at a escape speed. If it is obscure, that “something” will might halt and start to shrink with possibility of breaking into pieces… and worst denial.

“You should never assume. You know what happens when you assume. You make an 'ass' out of 'you' and 'me' because that's how it's spelled.” - Ellen DeGeneres

Some stories are too priceless to sit on while you wait for all the details. Reacting to emotions as you were misleaded into something is a hell of a crap of disappointments. And what sucks is if the denial thing comes and some pretension happens that nothing had been said, not a thing had been there. JERK! The kind of person most girls ACTUALLY want when they say they want a NICE GUY but ends up knowing a selfish, manipulative bastards who see women as little more than sexual conquests to brag about to their buddies or mere objects that are there for their personal pleasure. As to ensure the post-breakup will be in their favor. Jerks often play the "sensetive guy" early on so the girl will make most of the moves on HIM, and after he's done with her and dumps her for some other girl just like her, he can make it look like she's at fault for coming on too strong, and consequently she'll take him back if he chooses to return for seconds. 

So Lesson of the story.. Never expect, never assume, never ask and never demand so that if they decide to drop you out of their lives, you have enough strength to move on.

Life is better than Geometry. We as people, can keep trying until we figure things out. Life is never taking yourself for granted and enjoying the people around you. Get it to together and move on. Assuming the odds is not that risky. It's the dying inside of oneself, the not knowing that's risky..  Just let it be, because if it’s meant to be, it will happen the way you want things to be.



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