Jan 6, 2012

Akin Ka Na Lang

I’ve been humming around with this song in my thoughts for the whole afternoon. It just popped up in my head and it made me smile. So old school... (",)

Bakit ba nde na lang kse tayo? Ako Nde Kta sasaktan. Akin ka na nga lang sana. Haiiisssshh...

“Akin ka na lang. Iingatan ko ang puso mo.
Akin ka na lang… Wala nang hihigit pa sa ‘yo”

     English Translation:
         Don't believe this one, She doesn't really love you 
         You'll waste your life if you go along with her
         She'll just leave you, take care 
         You're just adding to his other million girls Be mine instead (be mine instead) 
         i'll look after your heart 
         Be mine instead (be mine instead) 
         No can be more than you 
         I'm not kidding like other people 
         I'm true when you're there, i'm still a bit nervous 
        She's just got a slippery tongue, don't go along 
        Just go slow, maybe you'll be one of his victims (i hope not) 
         It's not that i'm wrecking things with that ugly guy 
         it's not me you shouldn't believe, i'll never abbandon you 
         Be mine instead
        You'll be happy with my love 
        Be mine instead
        No can be more than you 
        No can be more than you 
        Be mine instead..



wow i like the translated song!

i love Itchyworms! Wish they will make songs like this again.

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