Oct 26, 2011

To Be Lost

'You Know How it is to Be Lost?

… It’s lying down in bed on a mid-day morning, not really sleeping, but staring at the wall, floating with your thoughts … and it’s not even a Sunday.

It’s being caught in the middle of a busy street. With cars honking, and people rushing to build their dreams. It’s hailing a cab without a day’s itinerary, and halfway the ride, you realize you’re really not that brave to move on.

It’s seeing that precious crystal break in your hand, and what’s left for you is a sliver of glass, and you can’t do much about it.

It’s hurting the ones you love with your unmet expectations, false hopes, and broken dreams, and you try to hold on to your sanity, as you tell everybody that you’re ok.

It’s being scared of the world outside, and feeling that your balance is shaken. 

But above all, being lost is going away for awhile, from your comfort zone which is home—to take a risk, to be with that person close to your heart, and not really minding to be caught in the middle of the street.

Because after all, life is really about keeping afloat. And getting lost. And finding your way back.. Again.



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