Nov 16, 2011

Laughter Drives the Doctor Away

Sometimes we take life way too seriously.
Why not make our lives a little bit easier and lighter? Stretch your smile and laugh.

Laughter is an instant vacation.
People love to entertain and to be entertained because laughter feels good. 
Laughter is the best medicine in our ordinary day. It's is inexpensive and free. Humour makes us find a new way of looking into our lives. It gives as another angle or perspective and perhaps find solutions we might not have thought of before.
On the average, a person laughs about 17 times in a day. Because of this, the entertainment industry has made a good living out of making people laugh.

A good hearty laugh provides a wide range of health benefits. As a person laughs, a number of changes occur in the body.

Here are the benefits of laughing:

1: Good work out for the body
2: Normal blood flow
3. Reduced blood pressure
4: Lower blood sugar level
5: Improved immune response
6: Reduced pain and faster healing process
7: Enhanced brain activity
8: Relaxed muscles and lower stress levels
9: Improved respiratory function
10: Reduced risk of heart disease



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