Nov 18, 2011

Google ‘Do a Barrel Roll’ Makes You Literally Roll

Google is always up to in something. Noting its interactive doodles and iconic logos, Google is known for being whimsical. The latest on Google's stunt which has become a HOT trending  topic on Twitter is the ‘Do a Barrel Roll’, a Star Fox-inspired barrel roll in your browser. And Thanks to Google's homepage where the fun query has got millions of people literally 'rolling'.

google logo

Google engineers are surprisingly committed to injecting otherwise ho-hum internet searches with a bit of homour. This isn't the first time Google has allowed a search term to manipulate the layout of its results page. If you Googled "tilt" on your iPhone using Safari or Google's app, the screen's display would slightly tilt. Try Google the word "ascii art" and check out what happens to the company's logo.

Typing "Do a Barrel Roll" on Google is the best four seconds you'll waste online!
And if you Googled it, you know why.

google do a barrel roll 
google tilt

Google will also do a barrel roll if you type in “Z or R twice,” which is how you commanded Star Fox to do a barrel roll in the game.

google star fox



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